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Hong Kong Lawyers
Hong Kong Lawyers
Legal services in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Lawyers

We are a team of experienced lawyers with a strong background in financial and corporate law.

Litigation cases

Do you need a litigation attorney in Hong Kong? Do not hesitate to contact us.

Open a company

We offer professional company formation services in Hong Kong.


If you need a special permit for your business, our lawyers in Hong Kong can help you.

Company liquidation

We can offer you legal assistance before and during the company liquidation procedure.

Debt Collection

We offer local debt recovery services as well as international debt recovery services.

Tax advice/Planning

Our lawyers in Hong Kong can help you minimize your corporate taxes.

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Law Firm in Hong Kong

Law Firm in Hong Kong

Updated on Thursday 19th May 2016

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Legal Services in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is an ideal location for investments in China, not only because of its geographical position, which has been an historic advantage, but also due to the large number of inhabitants and consumers. Hong Kong has an important role in the international business life and many foreign investors choose to open companies in this city.

Our law firm in Hong Kong works with numerous international companies and specializes in providing legal and business consutancy services for companies and entrepreneurs in Hong Kong. Our lawyers in Hong Kong specialize in a number of different areas that are important for any business owner, such as commercial law, banking and financial matters, real estate transactions, notary issues, immigration and residency matters and also family law or criminal law

Legal representation in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China and this gives the city a special statute and large degree of autonomy from mainland China. The city’s political and judicial systems are independent from those in China and our attorneys in Hong Kong specialize in the legislation for foreign investments applicable in this special Chinese administrative region.
Hong Kong’s legal system has a Civil Law that resembles and follows the English Common Law system. The court system is composed of several distinct courts and other adjudicative bodies. Our Hong Kong law firm offers legal representation in courts and administrative tribunals. According to each case, we can also offer our clients advice or referral information. Depending on your needs, our Hong Kong lawyers can offer you legal assistance.

Company incorporation in Hong Kong

Because Hong Kong is a world renowned business destination, some of the most frequent requests from our clients include company incorporation procedures or specialized counselling for business investments in Hong Kong. Our law firm in Hong Kong also specializes in business incorporation and can help you open a company in Hong Kong by guiding you every step of the way.
The services we provide for entrepreneurs in Hong Kong include business counselling for choosing the right type of company followed by preparing and drafting any and all necessary incorporation documents and finally, submitting all the documentation and registering the requested company. Our lawyers in Hong Kong will make sure that the business observes all the legal requirements and that it is incorporated according to the legislation for foreign investments in Hong Kong
Our attorneys in Hong Kong can also supervise and offer you counselling in any company merger or acquisition in Hong Kong. Accordingly, we can help you obtain any special permits and licenses that may be required to perform special business activities in Hong Kong. If your company is experiencing any financial difficulty, our attorneys in Hong Kong can also handle the liquidation procedure.

Specialized services in Hong Kong

The services we can provide for you and your company in Hong Kong are varied and personalized for the requirements and prefrences of each of our clients. Our Hong Kong attorneys can also offer you personalized tax advice and planning
We can also handle any cases involving employees in Hong Kong and making the necessary arrangements for obtaining any necessary residency permits for working or living here.
One of the most important important aspects of Hong Kong legislation refers to the Maritime Law. Our professional team also includes specialized attorneys in this area that can help clients with a variety of matters, ranging from boat registration to court litigation in international disputes.
Contact us to find out more about our legal services in Hong Kong and how we can help you open and manage your business. 


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