Reasons for Investing in Hong Kong

Reasons for Investing in Hong Kong

Updated on Saturday 31st July 2021

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A world-class destination

Hong Kong puts Asia on the map. The city is the most important international investment destination in Asia and also its leading business centre. Geographically, it offers the best location for international companies that need quick access across Asia and across the world. It is a gateway to mainland China and it offers numerous business and taxation advantages to foreign investors.
Hong Kong never stops evolving and the government has always encouraged its expansion as a business hub and as a city. Today, it is one of the top business destinations in the world and it continues to grow and support innovation.
Our Hong Kong law firm specializes in foreign business legislation and can give you the best advice if you are interested in opening a company in Hong Kong. Hong Kong is not just another Chinese city. Its high degree of autonomy from mainland China is an opportunity for investors who want to access this special market.
Our lawyers in Hong Kong list the most important reasons for investing in this jurisdiction in this video:


Reasons to choose Hong Kong

Apart from its excellent location, Hong Kong has an extremely simple and low taxation regime, compared to other international business hubs in the world. As a city that relies heavily on trade activities, Hong Kong encourages import and export activities through its low taxes, or better yet, the lack thereof. In Hong Kong, the profits tax has a value of 16.5 percent, the taxes on salaries have a maximum of 15 percent and the property tax also has a value of 15 percent. More importantly, Hong Kong does not impose sales tax or VAT, there are no taxes for capital gains or dividends. This is another reason why international companies open branches or subsidiaries in Hong Kong.
As a port city, Hong Kong also uses simple and easy customs procedures. If you are interested in knowing more about maritime trade activities and how they are regulated, our lawyers in Hong Kong can offer you details about the maritime law. 
Because Hong Kong is separate from mainland China, the city seems more welcoming towards foreign investors, particularly because English is also an official language. The legal system is also different from that in China and it is based on the English law. For any legal matters, our team of lawyers in Hong Kong can offer you various legal services.
You can also reach out to us if you are interested in immigration in Hong Kong.

Advantages for companies

Companies in Hong Kong don’t only benefit from a low taxation regime. The company incorporation process is also simple and straightforward and is almost inviting foreign investors in the city. Business people have a number of options when choosing the right type of company and our attorneys in Hong Kong can help you make that choice.
Hong Kong companies can also benefit from government support. This includes incubator programmes, loan guarantees and funds for marketing. Companies that need special working equipment or business capital can benefit from financial aids. Special funding for technological upgrades and innovative ideas is also possible.
Trademark registration in Hong Kong allows companies to set themselves apart from other in the same business field.
Hong Kong is not just the top Asian city to invest in. It could also be the city where your company will grow and prosper. For help regarding company incorporation in Hong Kong, or any other legal matters, please do not hesitate to contact our Hong Kong law firm.