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Open a Company in Hong Kong

Open a Company in Hong Kong

Updated on Tuesday 25th July 2017

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The gateway to Asia

Hong Kong is a valuable destination for investments in Asia because of its strategic position, opened towards international investments and an attractive tax regime. Foreign investors who open a company in Hong Kong have many business opportunities here and can open companies in a number of attractive business sector.
Our law firm in Hong Kong can help you open a company in Hong Kong and know all there is to know about business start-ups in Hong Kong. 

Types of companies in Hong Kong

Firstly, business people in Hong Kong need to decide what type of company they will incorporate and what the business name will be. The most common type of company in Hong Kong is the limited company: the public limited liability company or the private limited liability company. Other business options include branch offices or subsidiaries of a foreign parent company, representative offices or partnerships and sole proprietorships. 
Limited liability companies incorporated in Hong Kong need to observe certain regulations regarding the business name. In order to see if the name is already in use, entrepreneurs can use the Company Registry’s Cyber Search Center, free of charge.

Register a company in Hong Kong

A limited liability company in Hong Kong benefits from a simplified set up process: the incorporation procedure is done simultaneously with the registration procedure. In order to apply for company registration and incorporation in Hong Kong, the entrepreneurs must submit the following documents at the Hong Kong Companies Registry:
- the incorporation form;
- a copy of the articles of association;
- a notice to business registration office.
Some fees are also applicable when registering a Hong Kong company. If you need help submitting any of the forms or documents necessary to incorporate a company, our lawyers in Hong Kong can help you during this process.
The company incorporation and registration procedure are straightforward and the necessary documents for functioning are issued as soon as possible if all the documentation is in order (usually in a few days). After all the permits for the new business are issued, the business owner can open a bank account for the business and can look for an office space.
Our Hong Kong law firm can help you with all of these procedures and many more if you have decided to invest in Hong Kong. Please contact our attorneys in Hong Kong for more information.


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