Legal Requirements for Obtaining a Visa for Hong Kong

Legal Requirements for Obtaining a Visa for Hong Kong

Updated on Thursday 16th September 2021

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Legal-Requirements-for-Obtaining-a-Visa-for-Hong-Kong.jpgEntry requirements for Hong Kong

The Immigration Department sets out the legal requirements for obtaining a visa for Hong Kong. The visa is necessary for any individual who wants to work, study, open a business, become a resident or stay as a visitor for more than the three months/90 days visa-free period.
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The visa policy in Hong Kong

Individuals who possess the following documents will not require a visa to enter Hong Kong:
- Hong Kong passport;
- British national passport;
- Hong Kong ID card;
- Hong Kong re-entry permit;
- Hong Kong seaman identity book;
- permanent Hong Kong ID card;
- an already valid Hong Kong.
Those included in the abovementioned categories will not need to apply for a visa to enter the Special Administrative Region. All other individuals who want to enter Hong Kong for a longer period of time need to apply for a visa. The appropriate visa must be obtained before traveling to Hong Kong. 
Hong Kong imposes different requirements for foreign countries/territories. While some countries are allowed a visa free period, individuals from certain countries like Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Belarus, Cambodia, the Central African Republic and several other countries will need to obtain permission to enter Hong Kong.
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Applying for a Hong Kong visa

When applying for a visa for Hong Kong, individuals need to submit several documents and pay the fee corresponding to the type of visa they require. The fee for an ordinary visa is 190 $ wile for a transit visa the fee is 100$. 
Applicants will need to submit the form for the type of visa they require, along with copies of their identification documents, a recent photo and others. The application can be made at a Chinese diplomatic and consular mission in the country of origin or directly to the HKSAR Immigration Department by post or through a local individual.
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