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Register a Trademark in Hong Kong

Register a Trademark in Hong Kong

Updated on Friday 22nd July 2016

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Register-a-Trademark-in-Hong-Kong.jpgYour trademark in Hong Kong

A business owner should consider registering a trademark in Hong Kong in order to distinguish his specific products and services from those of other producers. The trademark can be a sign or any other design that is used by the company to represent itself.
When deciding to register a trademark the individual applying for it must make sure that the selected design does not conflict with any others already registered in Hong Kong. Before you apply, a consultant at our law firm in Hong Kong can tell you more about the Trade Marks Ordinance and how this field is regulated in the city.
We invite you to watch this video containing information about the trademark registration procedure in Hong Kong:


Why should you register your trademark in Hong Kong?

Once the trademark registration process is complete you will have exclusive usage rights over the selected design or sign. If other businesses will use the same trademark for their own purposes you have the right to accuse them of infringement and you can take legal action with help from our lawyers in Hong Kong. However, you lose any rights if you do not register your trademark with the Hong Kong authorities.
Before you can apply for registration you should make sure that the same trademark is not already registered by another business. This can be done online using the special portal from the Hong Kong Intellectual Property Department or you can request specialized services from our lawyers. The items that are recognized as trademarks include:
- words and combination of words;
- designs;
- characters and numerals;
- pictures;
- colors, sounds, shapes or a combination of these.
The trademark needs to be distinctive and it is ideal to be relevant for the business field in which you operate.

The trademark registration process in Hong Kong

Applications for trademark registrations and those for patents and designs registration can be filed online using the Interactive Service System belonging to the Intellectual Property Department. Special forms exist both for the preliminary search for an existing trademark and the application for registration. Individuals interested in requesting these services must pay a certain fee and in some cases an additional fee.
Our  representatives can help you file the needed documents for trademark registration. You can contact our Hong Kong law firm for more details on the application process and the applicable trademark laws.


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