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Will Preparation in Hong Kong

Will Preparation in Hong Kong

Updated on Friday 03rd November 2017

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Will-Preparation-in-Hong-Kong.jpgA will in Hong Kong is used to pass on the estate, name beneficiaries or guardians for one’s children or name an executor who will handle the distribution of the assets after the departure of the individual.
The testator may draw up the will himself, although it is highly advisable to seek specialized help. One of our Hong Kong lawyers can help you with will preparation in Hong Kong.

How to draw up a will in Hong Kong

The following are mandatory for the will to be valid and recognized under the laws applicable in Hong Kong:
- drawn up in writing;
- signed by the testator or a person in the testator’s presence, as per his instructions (if the testator is ill or physically unable to sign);
- two more witnesses are present for the signing and they acknowledge the signature.
The witnesses and their spouses should not be beneficiaries in the will. Any will in Hong Kong executed as per the provisions of Section 5 of the Wills Ordinance (for signing and witnessing the will) shall be valid without publication.
Individuals are advised to prepare the draft of their will in the presence of a lawyer in Hong Kong. This is recommended as a well-prepared will it can minimize disputes between family members.
One of our lawyers Hong Kong can assist you when you decide to prepare this document and can answer your questions related to the Wills Ordinance and its Sections.

Hong Kong inheritance and estate planning

Preparing a will is not only important for Hong Kong residents but also to investors in Hong Kong who own a company or property in the city. The succession of the company’s management can be included in the provisions of the wills and so will the estate planning for the property acquired in the city. The international inheritance laws as the law of the investor’s country of origin may apply in some cases. It is advisable to seek legal help for handling international wills and any eventual foreign judgments. 
Our experienced attorneys in Hong Kong can provide you with legal advice in all matters related to will preparation, inheritance, or estate planning.
Contact us for more information and legal assistance in Hong Kong. 


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