The Business Registration Certificate in Hong Kong

The Business Registration Certificate in Hong Kong

Updated on Tuesday 06th December 2016

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The-Business-Registration-Certificate-in-Hong-Kong.jpgAll companies incorporated in Hong Kong need to be registered with the Companies Registry. A business registration certificate is issued for these legal entities. The registration is also required for non-Hong Kong companies that are doing business in the city, such as branches in Hong Kong.
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Business registration requirements in Hong Kong

Branches, partnerships, and sole proprietorships must submit their applications for registration within one month after they commenced their business activities in the city. For local companies, the business registration takes place when the application form for registration is submitted. The business registration certificate in Hong Kong is the proof of registration, issued after the process is complete. One of our Hong Kong lawyers is able to give you more information about the steps needed prior to submitting the documents for company registration.
The documents needed for business registration in Hong Kong include:
- the application form, filled in as required;
- proof of payment of the business registration fee and levy;
- identification documents for the applicant.
The company owners or partners who are not residing in Hong Kong at the time of the incorporation may appoint a Hong Kong resident as their agent who will handle the business registration process. 
One of the experts at our Hong Kong law firm can help you throughout this process if you cannot be present in the city at the time of the incorporation.

Business registration certificate format and display in Hong Kong

Company owners may choose to apply for a business certificate that has a validity period of three years. The normal validity period is only one year and renewal is possible. 
The Business Registration Certificate, the Branch Registration Certificate, and their renewals are issued in an A4 format. The certificate includes the business registration number, the name of the business or branch, its address, the nature of the business and status, date of commencement and expiry date. Standard formats are available and they are issues in a bilingual format. The names and other identification details belonging to the company founders or partners are not inscribed on the business registration certificate. 
The business registration certificate must be displayed in a visible location in the registered office of the company. Authorized agents may perform inspections and ask for the business certificate.
The experts at our law firm in Hong Kong can help you with more detailed information about the business registration application procedure and assist you during this time.
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