Purchase a Company in Hong Kong

Purchase a Company in Hong Kong

Updated on Friday 07th August 2020

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Options for investors

When foreign investors decide to set up a business in Hong Kong they most likely think of it as starting with a completely new company. Although this business option is a good one, some investors may need a faster method to begin their commercial activities and obtain profit and the solution is to purchase a company in Hong Kong.
In most cases, the preferred method is to buy a ready-made company or a shelf company but business owners can also opt for business mergers or acquisitions in Hong Kong. By acquiring a business that has already been aged and/or has an established customer base, the new business owner will start building and adding value to an already established company.
Our lawyers in Hong Kong can offer you advice on this matter and counselling for choosing the best business option for your needs. And purchasing the right company in Hong Kong starts with choosing the right business type for you.
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Company purchase in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has a very business friendly environment and it offers full foreign ownership for companies that are incorporated here. Our Hong Kong lawyers can offer you a very advantageous business option: purchasing a ready-made company in Hong Kong. This business is already incorporated and has all of its documents in order but has not yet performed any commercial activities. Its records are clean and loans can be easily obtained. Moreover, because the company has been aged, it can already give you a certain level of credibility in front of creditors.
Our Hong Kong law firm can offer you complete services and our lawyers will help you not only to prepare your purchased company for business but also to hire employees in Hong Kong.
Once the company purchase is complete, the owners can choose to register a trademark in Hong Kong.

Company mergers and acquisitions

Company mergers and acquisitions are yet another way for investors to establish their presence on the Hong Kong market. Although they can be easily mistaken for one another, company mergers and acquisitions are essentially two distinct processes of taking over an existing business. Our Hong Kong lawyers can walk you through the process and help you decide if this is the right business option for you.
Regardless of your choice, our lawyers can help you assess the company you want to purchase, solve any legal matters and conclude any agreements. Please contact our lawyers in Hong Kong for more information.