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Procedure for Contesting a Will in Hong Kong

Procedure for Contesting a Will in Hong Kong

Updated on Thursday 19th May 2016

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Procedure-for-Contesting-a-Will-in-Hong-Kong.jpgWhen the heirs are not satisfied with their relative’s decision to pass down the assets in a will, they have the possibility to contest a will in Hong Kong. The first step for distributing the estate of an individual, with or without a will, is to obtain a Grant of Representation from the Probate Registry of the High Court of Hong Kong. This document indicates that a certain individual has the right to deal with and distribute the assets of the deceased.
The representatives at our law firm in Hong Kong can help you obtain the grant of representation and complete all necessary procedures required to distribute the assets accordingly. Should you wish to contest a will, our lawyers can help you start this procedure. 

Reasons to contest a will in Hong Kong

The heirs of an individual are able to invoke legal grounds for contesting a will, if its provisions do not satisfy them or if they believe that they have been wronged and they have been denied their legal rights to inheritance. Some of the most common grounds for contesting a will in Hong Kong include:
- lack of testamentary capacity: the individual was not over the age of 18 when he created the will or he did not have the capacity to order the execution of the will (often in cases involving elderly individuals);
- the will was not signed according to law: if the document wasn’t executed properly;
- insufficient witnesses;
- fraud or forgery: if the heirs believe that the will was obtained by manipulating the elderly or otherwise vulnerable testator;

Legal assistance for contesting a will in Hong Kong

If you believe that a will was not concluded according to law, you can request the services of our law firm in Hong Kong. A specialist will analyse your case and determine the legal grounds for contesting a specific will.
Our lawyers can help you deal with any matters involving inheritance and succession in Hong Kong. We can help you contest a will or draw-up a new one. A will may be revoked during the lifetime of the individual in case of marriage. The will is not automatically revoked in case of divorce in Hong Kong.
Contact our Hong Kong law firm for more information and personalized assistance.


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