Immigration Legislation in Hong Kong

Immigration Legislation in Hong Kong

Updated on Friday 18th September 2015

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Immigration-Legislation-in-Hong-Kong.jpgPermission to live in Hong Kong

The immigration legislation in Hong Kong is based on the Immigration Ordinance – the main legislative document that regulates and established permanent residency rights in the city. The Hong Kong Immigration Department handles all applications for visa or entry permits in the city.
If you want to work and live in Hong Kong you will require a visa or other type of permit according to the scope of your stay. Hong Kong has an open immigration policy and nationals from approximately 170 countries worldwide are allowed to visit the city without a visa for a period of maximum 180 days. For lengthier stays, our lawyers in Hong Kong can help you apply for the necessary visas and permits.

The immigration policy in Hong Kong

Immigration to Hong Kong is possible based on an application for residency. This is usually allowed for three main categories of immigrants. However, individuals applying for residency in Hong Kong should know that each application is assessed individually and residency will only be granted if the individual complies with the eligibility criteria.
Immigration is considered in Hong Kong according to the following categories:
- employment as professional or investment as entrepreneur (the general employment policy);
- quality migrant;
- residence as dependent.
Immigration arrangements exist for non-local students who have obtained a form of qualification in a full-time accredited programme in Hong Kong. These individuals may apply for a permission to stay or return and work in Hong Kong

Requirements for immigrants in Hong Kong

Entry permits for employment in Hong Kong are also awarded under the Mainland Talents and Professionals Scheme. As in the case of the General Employment Policy, admission for employees in Hong Kong is possible if the individual fulfills certain criteria:
- there are no security objections and the applicant has no known record of serious crime;
- the applicant has a relevant degree in the business filed, good technical qualifications and a good education background;
- a job vacancy is available and the applicant has a confirmed offer form a Hong Kong employer;
- the employment package is in line with the market level for Hong Kong professionals.
The team of experts at our law firm in Hong Kong can help you submit an application for a Hong Kong admission scheme. We can also offer you information about Hong Kong identity cards.
For any legal matters concerning family law, like marriage or divorce in Hong Kong, please feel free to contact our experts.