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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Updated on Monday 21st November 2016

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FAQ-Lawyers-Hong-Kong.jpg1. What are the steps of business litigation cases in Hong Kong?

Business litigation cases in Hong Kong are brought in front of the Court of First Instance of the High Court. Commercial disputes start when a writ of summons is filed together with a statement of claim. These will be served to the defendant and each party will prepare their evidence during the discovery phase. The trial hearing is the stage where both the defendant and the plaintiff present their cases. Apart from litigation, mediation and arbitration are also used in Hong Kong.

2. What are the most important legal aspects I should know about company formation?

The company formation process is a straightforward one in Hong Kong. With professional assistance, a new company is set up in just three days and investors have a wide variety of types of companies to choose from.

3. What are the basic legal requirements for foreign investors wanting to invest in Hong Kong?

Foreign investors in Hong Kong have the same right for company formation as local entrepreneurs. They will need to choose a type of company and observe the requirements for taxation, financial reporting, and auditing. The experts at our law firm in Hong Kong can tell you more about the legislation for foreign investments.
Our lawyers invite you to check out a video that covers the most commonly asked questions about doing business in Hong Kong:


4. Will I need special permits or licenses for my new company in Hong Kong?

Yes. Hong Kong laws require companies that operate in certain business fields to have special permits and licenses, apart from those usually needed for company registration.

5. What is the procedure of debt collection?

One of our lawyers in Hong Kong can help you with debt recovery. Depending on the situation and relationship with the debtor you can start with an amicable phase during which a lawyer will inform the debtor of his due payments. If he refuses to pay the lawyer will then take the necessary steps to initiate court proceedings.

6. Do I need a visa to enter Hong Kong? How can I obtain it?

A visa is not necessary to enter Hong Kong and individuals can use an identification document to travel to the city. However, special visas exist for lengthier stays, like work, study or periods longer than three months.

7. What are the steps I must follow in order to obtain citizenship in Hong Kong?

Citizenship in Hong Kong can be obtained:
  • - after having lived in the city for 7 years and if Hong Kong is the permanent place of residence;
  • - if Chinese nationals are born in Hong Kong and fulfill certain criteria;
  • - if foreign residents have a Hong Kong parent (only for individuals under the age of 21) and in other cases.
One of our lawyers in Hong Kong can help you obtain citizenship in the city. 

8. What are the requirements regarding employment?

The relationship between the employer and the employee is expressed in a written employment agreement. This document must contain essential information about the type of work and duties, the work hours, remuneration and any benefits. Both parties must observe the requirements for the notice of leave. If you want to hire employees in Hong Kong our legal experts can help you.

9. Are there any special requirements for marriage and/or divorce in Hong Kong? 

Foreign couples can get married in Hong Kong under certain circumstances and if they provide a set of relevant documents. During a divorce, a lawyer in Hong Kong can help you with issues like the equitable distribution of property or child custody.

10. How are individuals and companies taxed in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong imposes a corporate tax of 16.5% for companies. There is no withholding tax on dividends or interest. Individuals are taxed on all their income derived from or produced in Hong Kong.
For detailed information about these issues as well as professional legal assistance you can contact the experts at our law firm in Hong Kong.


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