Forensic Accounting in Hong Kong

Forensic Accounting in Hong Kong

Updated on Tuesday 28th June 2016

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Forensic-Accounting-in-Hong-Kong.jpgForensic accounting is a special area of accounting that is used in the event of a trial for providing specialized financial information in cases that involve fraud or embezzlement. Forensic accounting services can be used in civil and criminal litigation.
A team of specialized accountants and auditors is able to provide forensic accounting in Hong Kong. Law firms in Hong Kong typically offer a wide range of solutions for litigation concerning tax fraud or money laundering.

Financial forensics in Hong Kong

A forensic accountant in Hong Kong can provide a detailed accounting investigation and analysis that is used in cases connected with:
- economic fraud and damages;
- torts and contractual breaches;
- company bankruptcy and insolvency;
- securities fraud;
- money laundering;
- business valuation.
Forensic accountants will investigate existing ledgers and electronic data. They can process necessary files, e-mails or data associated with financial transactions. The data collection tools are developed to suit the needs of the investigators researching the accounting files and they are accepted in courts worldwide.

Special forensic and investigative accounting services in Hong Kong

Forensic accounting is often used in connection with corporate investigations. These can take place after a lawsuit was filed against a company in Hong Kong and evidence needs to be collected with the help of a professional accounting investigator.
A forensic accounting report provides needed information in situations that involve fraud or corruption. This complete analysis can be presented in front of a court, board members or regulatory agencies. If needed, the forensic accountant can testify in court. 
A team of forensic accountants will include professionals with a special background and certification. They are able to investigate the following problems:
- corporate fraud and/or corruption;
- false financial statements;
- improper fund usage;
- money laundering;
- employee fraud;
- auditor report negligence.
The role of a forensic accountant can be valuable for the settlement of a dispute or litigation. In order to avoid cases of fraud or embezzlement, please contact our team of lawyers in Hong Kong specialized in financial consulting.