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The Investment Migration Program in Hong Kong

Written by: Editor

The-Investment-Migration-Program-in-Hong-Kong.jpgHong Kong was included in a list of twenty countries around the world with top investment migration program. The city’s reputation as business center as well as its favorable taxation regime were among the main reasons it was included in the Global Citizenship and Residence Program report.

Hong Kong, a top city for investment migration

Hong Kong was ranked as one of the top cities in the world when it comes to investment migration programs. The report issued by Henley & Partners highlighter the city’s main attractive points for foreign businesspeople: good reputation, attractive taxation system, expedite processing time for applications and good services for applications, favorable investment requirements and good overall costs for doing business.
Investment migration programs are destined to attract foreign capital and foreign businesses in a country. Individuals who choose to do business in the country through such a program are granted the right of residency and citizenship, under several criteria.
One of our attorneys in Hong Kong can help you understand these programs that are in place in the city and whether or not they are suited to your particular business and individual needs.

An analysis of citizenship-by-investment programs

The Global Residence and Citizenship Programs prepared by Henley & Partners is a comprehensive analysis of the programs and facilities for immigrants in various countries around the world. The report includes the residence and citizenship-by-investment programs and it focuses on issues like the immigration laws, the taxes for companies and individuals, the quality of life and various risks. The report is a valuable source of information for those interested in investment migration.
Our team of Hong Kong lawyers can help you with detailed information on Hong Kong’s position in regard to these criteria and can give you comprehensive information about the local immigration conditions of Family Law.
Contact our law firm in Hong Kong if you have any questions about investment migration in the city.


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