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Hong Kong and Australia to Discuss a Free Trade Agreement

Written by: Editor

Hong-Kong-and-Australia-to-Discuss-a-Free-Trade-Agreement.jpgHong Kong and Australia have initiated a series of negotiations for a potential free trade agreement. This step is believed to increase access to the Hong Kong market and will provide numerous advantages to exporters, investors in Hong Kong and various other service providers. Our lawyers in Hong Kong can help you with information on these talks and what the agreement could mean for investors, from a legal perspective.


More business opportunities

A Hong Kong – Australia free trade agreement could mean that Australian investors in Hong Kong, and vice versa, would have more opportunities for cooperation, trade and doing business. 
Hong Kong is already an important trading partner for Australia and the negotiations for this agreement were only natural, as the city has already signed double tax treaties with New Zealand, for example. 
Hong Kong has a low taxation regime and there are currently no import tariffs on Australian goods. Nevertheless, a free trade agreement would mean that a zero-tariff regime would be properly maintained in place between the two jurisdictions.
He discussions for the free trade agreement would include a number of issues such as the reduction or elimination of tariffs, the reduction of non-tariff barriers, facilitated customs procedures and the protection and promotion of investments. Our lawyers in Hong Kong can give you detailed information about what can be regulated through a free trade agreement.  

Hong Kong – Australia trade relations

The consultation for the new Hong Kong – Australia free trade agreement has just begun, however, many businesses can start considering how their services can be influenced by the existence of this type of treaty. The input for the terms of the treaty is open up until the end of May.
Hong Kong has signed a number of double tax treaties and free trade agreements with other countries. If you would like to know more about how these trade and taxation deals can influence taxation in your case, please contact our law firm in Hong Kong. Our experts are able to provide you with a wide range of legal services and advice.   


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